Delete Unisphere Logs

Taken from EMC Support Primus 284357

I’ve been looking for this solution for a long time, since I started working with the VNX array. A knowledge base article was finally published, and I immediately wanted to help share the information. 


Problem: Unable to delete alerts from the alerts page in Unisphere for VNX. Whenever an alert is deleted, another one with different time or date appears instead. This is an extreme annoyance when a large number of alerts are generated as a result of an outage. E.g. naviagent respawing and generating several alerts per minute.


With out the ability to easily highlight multiple errors, this CLI method is a relief.



1. ssh/telnet into the pirmary control station as nasadmin or root. We will be creating a file for the user nasadmin.

2. Change directory to the /nas/log/webui directory. This directory rsync’s with another log directory in /nbsnas

[nasadmin@CS0 /]# cd/nas/log/webui

3. Delete all alert_log files. I would suggest using tar to back them up first.

[nasadmin@CS0 /]# rm alert_log*

4. Recreate the alert_log file and apply the approriate ownership/permissions

 [nasadmin@CS0 /]# touch alert_log

[nasadmin@CS0 /]# chmod 664 alert_log

[nasadmin@CS0 /]# chown nasadmin:nasadmin alert_log